Product Photography

Product Photography by ICapture Imagery

Do you produce items and or offer a service? First impressions always last. We will capture your products in a way that will best suit them visually for better sales.

Our Product Photography is divided into two categories:

  1. Capture and edit (These are normally offered to larger companies were they have dedicated graphic designers to do all etching etc.)
  2. Capture, edit and graphic design and styling (This service is offered to smaller companies, with no graphic designers, where products are needed on pure white/colour backgrounds and graphic design work will then feature as part of this editing process)

Capture and style your products to suite your needs. Not all products or services are given justice by placing them on a white or black backgrounds and can artistically can be brought to life by adding elements complementing the products or services. We have taken toys to the beach for live shots, clothing into the environment that suited them best.

We provide social media ready Audio Visuals for small businesses of the captured products as they reach far more organic reach on the social media channels than images do:

Here are some examples:



International  Rooibos Rocks Company needed a hero shot done for their products along with the “normal product shots”:

Divers Indaba Jewellery and accessories wanted some product shots taken best to suit their needs.

Plain backgrounds would have done their products no justice at all, so we styled their products along with a live shoot on the beach to bring their range to life.

Product Photography by ICapture Imagery  Product Photography by ICapture Imagery

We have both a small and large studio and all lightning required. Packages are subject to the amount of images required.

Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation estimate or a one-on-one consultation.