Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography by ICapture Imagery

Wedding Photography does not need to be stressful and can be a very fun and creative process. Having a team of two photographers, we strive to ensure that all relevant moments are captured on the day.  We both have our own styles of shooting and editing, providing everyone with a variety of images to suite everyone’s unique taste. 


Our Wedding Photography packages are tailored to suite the needs of the couple. We include before the service (both men and woman ), during the service (all ceremonies), and after the service (the reception). Our packages include a pre-shoot/engagement shoot, an A3 Canvas with an image of your choice, a video of images and your wedding song, two photographers and an assistant. Coffee table books and any other requests are available and an estimate can be provided for these as required.

Below is a sample of our work. If you require anything specific you do not find here, please feel to contact us for a one-on-one consultation to discuss your special day; and a no obligation estimate.